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Batman: The Dark Knight RC Tumbler – Driver Pack by Soap Studio (December 2018) 904027

Soap Studio

Sideshow and Soap Studio are pleased to present the RC Tumbler Driver Pack 1:12 Scale from Batman: The Dark Knight!


Soap Studio's RC Tumbler features a functioning cockpit door that can open and close, movable spoilers, and LED headlights. The astonishing Jet Power mode allows a 30% increase in acceleration and movie-like sound and lighting effects! With your smartphone app, you can record video, take photos, use night vision, the intercom function and more! 

In Christopher Nolan's film, this combat car is designed by the military technology sector of Wayne Enterprises and further modified by adding weapons and high tech features. The Tumbler's geometric shape is inspired by stealth fighters, and it features two seats and six tires. 

Don't miss the chance to add this remote control Tumbler to your Batman collection!


The RC Tumbler Driver Pack 1:12 specially features:

  • Remote controlled Batman Tumbler
  • Smartphone App controlled cockpit door that opens and closes
  • 11 x cockpit LED lights and sound effects
  • Adjustable 480p night vision camera with first-person vision within the mobile app
  • Path memory recording and replay function
  • Camera for photo and video recording
  • Voice intercom feature
  • Remote-controlled spoiler movements
  • Driving mode app interface is modeled after the movie
  • Attack mode app interface imitates the Tumbler display during attach mode
  • App controlled Jet Power mode to boost speed by 30% with movie-like red and blue LED lights and sound effects
  • 2100mAH Li-On battery (40 minutes)
  • Recharging time for up to 1.5 hours play time
  • 25 high power LED lights
  • Comprised of approximately 600 components
  • High-density polyfoam protection bumper

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